Soon after moving to Marin County, California, just after he turned 11, Michael Goddart started actively searching for the truth about death and how to attain everlasting bliss. He began daily meditation at age 19; at 21, he began to meditate for two and a half hours daily. His work as an international consultant and his spiritual quest have taken him to over fifty countries. Since 1974 he has journeyed thirteen times to India and also numerous times to England, Greece, Canada, Spain, and within the United States to be with those rare Teachers whom he considers to be fully realized humans. In addition to endeavoring to progress daily on his spiritual path, throughout his life he’s studied the writings of Saints and Mystics.

Michael Goddart holds an MFA from the Writers Workshop at Bowling Green, and his articles have appeared in international spiritual journals. His Treatment for Bliss House was an Official Winner—Reality TV Show in the Hollywood Spiritual Film and Entertainment Festival. He is the author of acclaimed books about Spirituality, Reincarnation, Mind & Soul, Spiritual Teachings, Love, and Truth.

In Search of Lost Lives


Michael Goddart’s unique memoir in which he recovers over eighty past lives …

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“I returned to work some time ago…with some lingering (though manageable problems relating to the bone marrow transplant). I want you to know that BLISS has always been with me. It has made me laugh when I am feeling sorry for myself and my predicament—and it has made me cry, too—good crying though—cathartic crying, I call it!

From focusing on spirituality—and what it REALLY means to me—to doing the various exercises in self-acceptance—and taking a vacation—and even if I only have a day available—I call it a vacation, clears my mind. I do something good for me!

Listing the things I do on a day-to-day basis was and is a terrific eye-opener. I hate to admit it, but I waste too much time. But I love early mornings in the summer. So when there is enough light, I garden—it feels spiritual to be so close to the earth. And of course, to be alone is not necessarily to be lonely. I am never completely alone—my dogs follow me around the house all the time—I can bounce ideas off them—they are completely uncritical!

I want you to know you made a difference for me. The leukemia I was diagnosed with is obscure and there is not enough known about it. But I have surprised my doctors—not one transfusion in over a year! I carry your book with me—it is rather dog-eared at this point—I pick it up often and reread sections—it always helps me. Thank you Michael and be well!”

Meg Rosenfield, Hackensack, NJ

“Yesterday and during most of the day today I’ve been wholly absorbed, joyfully engulfed, gloriously overwhelmed as I found myself almost literally devouring your manuscript. It is no exaggeration if I say that in all my nearly 80 years I have seldom, if ever, been so filled with such a deep sense of wonder and gratitude in reading anything both so inspired and so inspiring as this. I trust that it will not sound like maudlin sentimentality if I say that what you have written moves me to tears of joy. What you say and what you suggest as ‘the way’ to true spirituality is, I believe, a guide that will help anyone caught in the morasses of the ego toward finding meaning and purpose in life today.”

Dr. E. Field Horine, MPH, Freiburg, Germany

“My daily practice is to sit quietly, close my eyes, ponder a question or concern, open BLISS to the pages to which I’m guided, read the page(s), and ponder the message as part of my meditation. I have found this to be an inspirational and uplifting part of each day.”

Diane Frary, Point Richmond, CA

“I highly recommend BLISS. This book has all the qualities of a superior self-development book, yet what makes it so special are the spiritual teachings of Michael Goddart. BLISS is nondenominational, so it appeals to Christians, as well as to others.”

Charles McDonald, Ailleurs, France

“As a professional in the healing arts, I often refer my clients to Michael’s books as a resource guide for those who are truly seeking the deeper values of spirituality. BLISS is a wonderful and necessary guide for spiritual seekers to understand and appreciate the humanity of our soul’s journey.”

James Arena, New Orleans, LA

“Having known Michael for over 35 years now, I can happily say that his great sense of humor, enthusiasm, and contagious love and joy are still a constant inspiration to me and many of my clients. He’s most simply a cheerful soul who is fun to be with and tirelessly entertaining. As a life coach and counselor, on numerous occasions I have recommended his books to clients as a wonderful source of positivity, inspiration, and guidance for a happier lifestyle and also for following a daily regimen to rise above their life challenges. His spiritual insights and dynamic intuition are the result of years of devoted meditation, along with his travels to the Far East and all over the globe. I look forward to his next chef-d’œuvre.”

Phoebe White, Phoenix, AZ

“Gentle Guidance for the Weary Spiritual Warrior—Spiritual Revolution is a kind, truthful, conscious book carefully written by a loving soul. It takes your spiritual hand and guides you through every walk of life you may experience, and shows you the way of the “Spiritual Warrior” … one of “LOVE.” Keeping one’s eye on the golden ring (God realization) through one’s own private journey is the paradigm of spirituality that weary souls need in this world today. Michael Goddart has served God well with this encouraging, enlightening book. Thank you, with love.”

Linda J. Baynes, Quakertown, PA

“This book can open doors you never knew existed! I first read BLISS when it came out in the end of April. I was awed by its genius and inspirational content. One of my favorite chapters is “Reframe a Recurring Negative Thought.” It sounds simple, right? And that, it is. This particular chapter helped me commit to positive thinking regardless of circumstances. You can make the worst of a situation or you can make the best of a situation. It’s up to you. Goddart gives various “exercises” to do so you can develop and master each virtue he introduces in this wonderful book. This book is perfect for people of all race, religion, class and EVEN age. I’m patiently (I learned that virtue from Goddart, too!) awaiting his next release! I praise you for your brilliant writing M.G.!”

Julie Corpuel, San Luis Obispo, CA

“I have found Michael Goddart’s book Spiritual Revolution to be a valuable resource of spiritual and humanistic principles. The uniqueness of the book is that it gives practical exercises and activities so one can incorporate these principles into one’s daily life. As a practicing alternative medicine physician, I take advantage of this and prescribe the appropriate exercises and activities to patients. I do this so patients can experience the psychological and physical health benefits of incorporating these principles and of developing a spiritual connection within themselves. The result of this connection is a deep letting go (detachment) and stress-releasing relaxation, as well as providing a sense of purpose, meaning and compassion in their lives.”

Richard Metz, D.C., Santa Rosa, CA

“To become an autonomous person through practice and discipline, allow Michael Goddart’s BLISS to become an experiential learning process by living and breathing the information throughout the day. I carry note cards in my purse with every attribute of a spiritual being (giving, kindheartedness, solitude, gratitude…) listed in the book with me. I can look at a card randomly at any moment of the day to prime my mind for those two minutes daily for God. It was with a sense of utter relief that I read that we don’t have to figure out what we need, that we only need to be open to receive. BLISS is comfort food for the mind and a road map for the heart.”

Emma Howard, Kailua, HI

“I recently re-read Spiritual Revolution after several years, and it has been instrumental in helping me during a very difficult transition in my life. Specifically, I have been able to make hard decisions with a clean heart and clear conscience, confident that I am connected to the Higher Power while doing so. Michael Goddart’s concepts are deceptively simple, combining practicality with a deep spirituality that transcends religion.”

Anna Nicolaus Harris, Gravesend, England

“I enjoyed Michael Goddart’s book Spiritual Revolution. I offer tarot readings to people when the occasion arises. When the information coming through has to do with spiritual matters I have lent them your book to read, and they often are pleased to have had the experience to have read its contents.”

Alan Swanson, Ukiah, CA

“A book that is truly amazing and inspirational—I can’t express in words how much this book has done for me. I came across Spiritual Revolution at a very opportune time in my life. This book has both inspired and healed me. It’s a very simply read, yet profound book. I was just dabbling in spirituality when I began reading Spiritual Revolution, but I wanted to dive in and swim beyond the horizon by the time I finished it. Besides helping me connect with my spiritual side, this book has helped me overcome everyday fears. It has made me a stronger, more motivated person. I’ve also learned to forgive and move on…something I’d always had trouble doing in the past. I’m so glad I was lucky enough to find a book so moving and brilliant. My eyes are peeled for the next writings from Michael Goddart.”

Julie Corpuel, San Luis Obispo, CA

“I loved reading Spiritual Revolution, and have shared this little book with many of my bodywork therapy clients. This book makes an otherwise complicated interdimensional world easy to understand. In simple practices we can reach step by step into the joy of God.”

Carola Intersimone BA, RPP, CMT, Rohnert Park, CA

“I loved BLISS. The reading of these profound spiritual truths reinforced my faith. It must have been divinely guided. I am so grateful for you putting it out into the world and that I got the opportunity to read it. Thank you Michael.”

Rita Agnese, San Francisco, CA

“Frustrations and mental struggles are made clear upon reading this. Being in a difficult place of my own and at odds with many spiritual teachings, this book allowed me to see the beauty of the universe in a new light.”

Diana Linsteadt, New Zealand

“This inspired little handbook is a true gem! It distills the essential principles from renowned Prophets, Saints & Teachers of all spiritual traditions into 52 easily understood practices. By integrating just a few of these into one’s daily life, an armchair philosopher or sincere seeker can make profound changes in one’s relationships to Self, Others, and The Creator. My high recommendation rating is based on Michael Goddart’s straightforward workbook concept and the revolutionary awarenesses Goddart presents his readers in a uniquely playful, often humorous, and experimental approach to enlightenment.”

Cynthia Brush, Santa Rosa, CA

“Ancient Truths in Modern Text—Spiritual Revolution is Michael’s answer to our need for a handy-sized reference manual on how to carry on throughout our days as we are caught in traffic, standing in line or just frazzled at the end of the day. I recommend carrying it all times and opening it randomly to read a page, paragraph, or just a word for encouragement. Michael has some kind of a connection to knowledge of a higher source and has generously shared it by writing this book.”

Emma Howard, Kailua, HI

Spiritual Revolution is a straightforward book that clearly outlines ways to focus your life into that of a spiritual one. With easy-to-remember principles, Michael Goddart guides the seeker towards a spiritual lifestyle in a positive direction. More than just another New Age book, this one goes back to the truth beyond all religions.”

Constance Cappel, Ph.D., Tivoli, New York

“I am grateful to Michael Goddart for presenting us with such a lucid and enlightening book of BLISS. It will illuminate minds, and enrich your life with moments of thought-provoking awareness. I highly recommend reading Michael’s book BLISS, for it provides key information into becoming more consciously aware and self-realized while experiencing our journey of evolution.”

Cindy Skidmore, Psychological Kinesiologist, Desert Longevity Institute, Palm Desert, CA

“It is with great anticipation that I await Michael Goddart’s sequel to BLISS. Michael has an exceptional ability to “get to the heart” of complex spiritual principles, thereby simplifying age-old precepts and teachings into simple, readable terms. As a psychotherapist, I am particularly drawn to his exercises for daily/weekly practice. There is appeal for the beginning seeker, as well as for the seasoned traveler on a spiritual Path. However, one need not have any particular spiritual orientation to begin exploring the deeper questions of meaning and transcendence using the small, pithy handbooks Spiritual Revolution or BLISS.

I, myself, kept a copy by my bedside. Each week I would focus on a topic and its application by implementing the suggested exercises. I found a quiet sense of heartfelt renewal come over me after a few weeks. It is refreshing to remember that intentional daily practice, no matter how brief, can be re-creational. Thank you, Michael, for your wisdom in paring down the profound into understandable, delicious bites of bliss.”

Mary Garvey, M.A., L.C.S.W., Palm Desert, CA

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Spiritual Revolution - A Seeker's Guide by Michael Goddart

A Seeker’s Guide

Written for Westerners, Spritual Revolution is a distillation of the entire teachings of Saints and God-realized Masters.

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Winner – Best Spirituality/Self-Help Book
of the Hollywood Spiritual Film
and Entertainment Festival

Bliss by Michael Goddart


These thirty-three simple yet profound exercises reveal and develop your spiritual core. Try them. You will experience bliss–here, now.

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Semi-Finalist–Spirituality/Self-Help Book
of the Hollywood Spiritual Film
and Entertainment Festival