Spiritual Revolution by Michael Goddart

Winner – Best Spirituality/Self-Help Book
of the Hollywood Spiritual Film
and Entertainment Festival


A Seeker’s Guide

52 Powerful Principles for Your Mind & Soul

Written for Westerners, SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION is a distillation of the entire teachings of Saints and God-realized Masters from all traditions into 52 easily understood principles. Whether you’re a casual reader or ardent seeker, you can use this practical guide to make profound changes in your relationships to others, your Self, and God.


Spirituality is that part of us that is most loving, vital, wise, powerful, and tender. It is our connection with the Divine.

Spirituality is a very individual matter and yet the path to God is available to all humans. Our real work is the spiritual work. It is up to you to pursue your spirituality in the way and the intensity of your choosing. What is important is to know you can make progress. As to what exactly you pursue, you must know what is right and true for you.

Spirituality doesn’t come in a handy course like a frozen dinner that you can toss in your shopping cart, then throw in a microwave and consume. Spirituality is a path, a way of life to follow. There are new principles to follow, attitudes to inculcate, disciplines to practice, profound changes to undergo in your relationship to your mind, the world, others, and God. It is reversing your way of being from being in thrall to the senses and the lower mind to the soul being in control and surrendered in communion to the Supreme Spirit. Ultimately, you’ll find your consciousness entirely transformed.

This book offers for the first time an accessible distillation of the true teachings of the Saints or Masters who continue to grace our planet. Whatever movement you can make into the light, the time is now ripe for you to achieve your own spiritual revolution.

Ultimately, spirituality can’t be taught, it must be caught. Spirituality is elusive, because it is beyond the mind and transcends the physical senses. But each of us is a soul with spiritual senses that are longing for tuning. And God is more willing for us to be tuned than you can possibly imagine.

This is an invitation to you to discover God’s invitation to you.


An Offering

  1. Embrace the fact that you’re going to die
    Discover what “you” is going to die
  2. Ask others for forgiveness
  3. Ask: What is my purpose for being here?
  4. Remember the Spirit Supreme
  5. Transcend the boundaries of race, religion, and who is right
  6. Treat everyone lovingly
  7. Thank God for all your gifts
  8. Do not look for true happiness and peace in the world — look for it within
  9. Do not look for the Lord in a church or temple — look for the Lord within you
  10. “Seek, and ye shall find”
  11. Read uplifting literature
  12. Laugh easily
  13. Think as though your thoughts were etched in the sky for everyone to read
  14. Avoid mind-altering drugs — take only substances that heal you
  15. Turn greed into giving and contentment
  16. Be truthful
  17. Forgive yourself and others
    Forgive yourself
    Forgive others
    Communicate to create forgiveness and love
  18. Fight your enemy with positive thoughts
  19. Don’t repress — discriminate and be true to yourself
  20. Turn worry into faith
  21. Turn feelings of unhappiness into spiritual feelings
  22. Believe with all your heart, mind, and soul that God has a place for you,
    somewhere, “over the rainbow,” that is your True Home
  23. Take advantage of your human birth
  24. Do repetition
  25. Do service
  26. Be kind to animals — don’t eat them
  27. Use your money as a trust from God
  28. Accept God’s unlimited mercy and compassion
    If God has unlimited mercy and compassion, realize that He wouldn’t
    have sent His Son only to a particular time and place
  29. Pray for God
  30. Struggle
    Do Your Best and Leave the Rest
  31. Row, row, row your boat
    gently down the stream
    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,life is but a dream
  32. Surrender to God’s flow for you
  33. Don’t complain, adjust
  34. Don’t criticize, accept
  35. Experience yourself as a source of love
  36. Practice the presence of God
  37. Replace egotism with humility
  38. Replace guilt with acceptance, love, and approval
  39. Give an Oscar calibre performance in all your roles
  40. Guard your time selfishly, spend your time wisely
  41. Drink only non-alcoholic drinks
  42. Turn lust into continence
  43. Do not dwell on your faults — dwell in your spiritual work
  44. “Judge not that ye be not judged”
  45. Be patient and know that you are part and parcel of the Supreme Power
  46. Think, act, and talk as though you are Agent 001 — God’s secret agent
  47. Don’t think that because you’ve done any of these simple and radical things
    that you are spiritual. Keep spiritual experiences to yourself so that your treasure may grow
  48. Watch your desires
  49. Yearn for the Lord
  50. Look for Grace
  51. Be alone
  52. Search for the highest Teacher

A Promise

You have the capacity to develop your spirituality and help your soul. There is no need to leave your everyday life, to abandon your responsibilities, to take off on a quest. You can pursue the search, you can do the work right now, in your present life. Much is offered within these 52 powerful principles. Do what you can and enjoy your every effort. Every effort toward Spirit, no matter how seemingly minor, is known by the Spirit Supreme and cherished. The path is yours to follow. As you awaken to life in Spirit, you’ll be uplifted to the exalting Love, the sheer Wonder, that is yours.