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more Bliss by Michael Goddart

A Sensible Guide; 33 Simple Ways to Awaken Further

This wonderful guide takes you inward and higher into the wellspring of spirituality, leading you sensibly, clearly, and simply through 33 uplifting virtues and offering invaluable information and tools for developing these strengths and awakening to a life of more bliss.



more BLISS is designed in nine parts or phases that illuminate the cycle of life and spirituality. Each simple exercise or activity develops the theme of the part, providing a clear explanation of a facet of spirituality. Each chapter shows how to develop one of the 33 elevating spiritual virtues and explains it in a way that is at once practical and inspirational, simple and profound. Both readers with a daily practice and those without one can enhance their realization of these spiritual strengths.

FIRST THIS Each one of us is a spiritual being who possesses a multitude of spiritual virtues and strengths in various stages of development. To be spiritual is to express these qualities of the pervading Spirit Force, Higher Power, God, Supreme Being, or Love Source—any name you wish to call the nameless One. Access to that Higher Power can be made through our consciousness. You can contact God within by raising your consciousness, and that transcendent experience of the unity of your Self and God is bliss. Experiencing that bliss, that greater realization of God, can be achieved by developing the spiritual virtues.

Part I
Open Further to Spirituality Humans possess unlimited potential for spiritual growth. The seed has been planted. The plant has grown and has at least one bud. Think of each bud as a virtue. With repeated sunshine, water, nutrients, and growth, innumerable buds can form and open. And those beautiful flowers can continue to open indefinitely. This is a key section if you are unsure, uncomfortable, or apprehensive about spirituality, or it is an energizing attunement if you are more active.

1. Reflect on the Inconstancies of Life
2. Read a Book to Advance You on Your Spiritual Path
3. Consider Becoming a Saint

Part II
Strengthen Your Relationship With God sheds light on your relationship with God, the nameless, pervading Spirit Force. In this section, you’ll practice three virtues for experiencing and strengthening that connection.

4. In Times of Need, Learn to Return to Your Spiritual Center
5. See Your Light
6. Turn to God

Part III
Use Your Creative Imagination presents suggestions that allow you to become grounded in qualities necessary for pursuing your spiritual path with independence and authenticity. The suggestions employ your imagination as a tool for your unique unfoldment.

7. See Yourself as a Rose
8. Draw Your Treasure Map
9. Use Your Own Divining Rod

Part IV
Master Daily Disciplines for a Spiritual Foundation provides exercises for the elevating virtues that comprise a spiritual foundation. These disciplines enable and encourage the growth to come.

10. Take a Really Good Shower
11. Eat a Lighter Lunch or Dinner
12. Indulge in a Week of Sobriety
13. Make Your Mondays Meatless
14. Each Day Take Your Rx 4 B’ng +

Part V
Practice Spirituality in Your World is for experiencing the world consciously in a spiritual context. From building the foundation, we progress on to interacting with the world.

15. Give Yourself a Cheeropractic Adjustment
16. Go on a Shopping Spree
17. Make a Charitable Contribution Anonymously
18. Today, See Everyone as Your Brother or Sister

Part VI
Serve Family and Friends represents our immediate world, where we can face our greatest challenges and undergo important spiritual growth. This section offers practical things to do that impact family and friends to help us replace self-serving ego with spiritual virtues.

19. Affectionately Envision Your Family and Friends Reading from a Script
20. Serve Your Favorite Dessert
21. Volunteer at a Worthy Organization

Part VII
Do the Inner Work As there is a time for experience in the world, for responsibility and humanitarianism, there’s also a time for withdrawal and concentrating on inner work. Inner work is the phase for quiet learning and for deepening the relationship with our Higher Power to spur inner development.

22. Invite a Friend to Spend Some Quiet Time
23. Wrestle
24. Thank God Each Night for What You’ve Been Given
25. Become a Reporter for the NYT, NYG Times

Allow Spirituality Without Judgment Inner work helps to prepare us for the greater tests of spirituality. Spirituality without judgment is a phase that people may otherwise ignore or skip. It’s trial by fire—when we must marshal our resources to get results, to be tested to see if we are fit for the potential growth to come. If we lapse into the negativity of judgment, the fruit of our work will be blemished, or worse, it will rot.

26. Save a Spider
27. Turn Over a Loss, a Misfortune, or a Continuing Disappointment
28. Refocus Your Intention and Continue your Spiritual Practice with Faith, Love, and Regularity
29. Practice and Repeat the Affirmation, “I Release All Judgments and Know and Follow My Own True Path

Part IX
Cultivate Forgiveness and Love The final phase of the cycle is when we’ve done the work, we forgive and forget and let go, and then we’re free to soar in love.

30. Ask Someone for Forgiveness
31. Fulfill an Unwanted Responsibility with Love
32. Watch your Favorite Star
33. Practice Adoration of the Moment

ONWARD Balance. Concentration. Peace. Love. Joy. These are some of the names we use to describe the outcome of a spiritual life. This outer game of naming virtues falls short as a game of words and can’t begin to convey the inner transformation, that gradual rising of awareness that comes from practice and realizing the elevating virtues which are simply expressions of the inner game, the game of love that we can each win.